TRAVEL | Alameda Point Antiques Faire

Earlier this month, I ventured out to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. It’s held the first Sunday of every month with scaffolded pricing. The earlier you go, the more expensive. I didn’t get that at first, so I went for the $5 admission, which was after 9am.

Once I got there, I realized why. EVERYONE is bustling and grabbing the great deals early in the morning!!! It was way busier and packed than I expected. I’ve been to the San Jose Flea Market before and it’s dwindled since I remember going as a kid. I thought it’d be like that, but NOPE. I guess Alameda’s Flea market is the place to go!

I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but it was fun looking at all the stuff that was there. There were tons of vendors with a lot of useful stuff. I was looking for some cool lettering things or antique art supplies, but didn’t find much. I was also looking for  Le Crueset  dutch oven to add to my kitchen!

My favorite as you’ll see were the record players, suitcases, and vintage signage! I like the idea of having those suitcases stacked in my living room because it doubles as STORAGE, but looks presentable! What do you look for when you’re thrifting?

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Gift Guides | For Holiday (& Beyond!)

You know, I started doing these gift guides thinking it was fun and games… and stopped for 2 reasons: 1) Life happened 2) I had a moment of misaligned values, being a minimalist and yet telling people to shop. Cognitive dissonance.

But people shop anyways, so here I am back on these gift guides a mere 5 days before Christmas! Don’t worry though, these gift guides work for all year round! 🙂 I enjoyed curating these guides and focused on choosing as many ethically sourced items and supporting small businesses as much as possible.

Hopefully you get some ideas from my gift guides, but I totally understand if I didn’t cover every person on your list; I know I have a certain aesthetic. 😛

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Gift Guides Bestie

Dainty Ring | Keychain Tassel | Patterned Bag | Dual Infinity Scarf | Diptyque Candles 

Gift Guides Guys

Keyring | Duffel Bag | Wooden Watch | Suede Cleaner | Gift Guides Little Ones

Ladybug Checkers | Color Blocked Blocks | Printmaking Kit | Freshly Picked shoes | Headband | Harem Pants

Gift Guides Organizer

Black and White Patterned Journals | Grown Up Pencil Toppers | Get Shit Done Pencils | Pencil Bag | Desktop Weekly Planner

Gift Guides Hostess

Lunar Coasters | Barr-Co. Soap & Lotion Caddie | Fancy Candle | Salt Curing & Serving Board | Wooden Ring Cheese Board

Gift Guides Minimalist

Rose Gold Bobby Pins | U Pin Earrings | Succulent Pot | V Neck Collar Necklace | Patterned Scarf

Gift Guides Wanderlust

Travel Journal | Passport Holder | Desktop Calendar | Large See Through Clutch | Sliding Matchbox 

Gift Guides: For the Introverted Movie Lover

This one’s for those loved ones who love watching movies (or any streaming company), but prefer saying at home in the comfort of their own homes! Also lovely for the more introverted, who want some social interaction, but need some time to recharge.GIft Guide- Movie-02Popcorn seasoning | Hot cocoa pops |Comfy slippers | Sassy mug for hot beverages | Indie flicks short films & game | Cozy throws

Gift Guides: For the Foodie

The gift season is upon us! For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my picks for my loved ones as gift guides!

For the first edition of Gift Guides, I’m shopping for the foodie in your life. I happen to be the foodie in my family, so these are all things I’m eyeing for myself as well! Hope your foodie loves them too!

GIft Guide- Foodie

Mortar&Pestle | Matcha Tea Kit | Salt&Pepper Shakers
Linen Apron | Artisan Chocolate | Measuring Cups