EAT | Dan Tat

If there’s one thing I actually enjoy eating at dim sum, it’s gotta be dan tats. Dan tats are basically egg custard tarts. There are different versions of them such as the po gok tat- the Portuguese version I had in Macau, China. Different bakeries also make the tart crust differently. Some have it more dense like a shortcake, but my favorite is the puff pastry like crust with tons of flaky layers.

I’m not much of a recipe blog, but I do cooke/bake because I DO eat. For now, I won’t be posting recipes or directions (unless I used a link). Treat this as more inspiration!

First you make what I call puff pastry Chinese style. I make my pastry dough from scratch. It is way more work intensive, but worth it. I rolled and folded this one 3 times with a total of 10 new layers. More layers = more layers of flakiness. I don’t fold too many times because the dough starts to break down with the new addition of flour and it either gets too mushy or too tough.

dan tat pastry dough

dan tat putting it together

I rolled out the dough and cut it out to the size of my mini tart tins. I use aluminum tins, so you don’t ever have to spray or flour them. They don’t stick for me.
dan tat fresh out the oven dan tat fresh out the oven 2
dan tat layersdan tat time to eat

Hope you’re having a great Labor Day weekend!


Cooked | Latkes with Applesauce & Sour Cream

It’s Hannukah! That means fried foods in general, but for this post in┬áparticular, latkes. Latkes are like hashbrowns, but elevated. I’ve eaten latkes, but never tried making them myself. Today changed the truth of that statement. Behold.

Latkes with Applesauce and Sour Cream

This is an averagely work intensive recipe to make. You have to grate potatoes and onions. I cried. No, really. I’m not sure why it’s ever a good idea to GRATE an onion, but the subtle onion flavor was worth the tears.

I read to relieve the crying, light a candle and put above where you’re grating, so the candle can “burn” off the gases emitted by the onion. Straight from Martha Stewart’s mouth. It sort of worked.

The other part that took a while was frying the latkes up! I used coconut oil because it tastes and smells better than vegetable oil.


I’m baking rugelach tonight, but I’m posting another gift guide tomorrow here on the blog!