EAT // Lasagna x Bacon Egg Hash x Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

My friends, I’ve figured out my personality as an eater after a friend spoke the word: GRAZER. I am a grazer.. little eating here and there. She totally got me defined in one word!

Homemade turkey/beef marinara sauce for lasagna and 4 clove garlic bread. Yummmm
Prebaked graham crackers and fresh pureed strawberries in the batter.

Fresh strawberry puree <3
Celebrating A’s new job!
A and I love brunch, but brunch is insanely expensive… so we try to make brunch whenever we can! This is bacon, red bell peppers, onions, red potato hash with fried eggs on top. We love a good one cast iron pan dish.

Ice cream at TinPot Creamery in Palo Alto during A and my midweek date. We got malted chocolate and Cookie Monster to share.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing food and location from Souvla, a restaurant A and I tried for the first time this weekend in the Mission!


Gift Guides: For the Foodie

The gift season is upon us! For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my picks for my loved ones as gift guides!

For the first edition of Gift Guides, I’m shopping for the foodie in your life. I happen to be the foodie in my family, so these are all things I’m eyeing for myself as well! Hope your foodie loves them too!

GIft Guide- Foodie

Mortar&Pestle | Matcha Tea Kit | Salt&Pepper Shakers
Linen Apron | Artisan Chocolate | Measuring Cups


Tasty Tuesdays: Minty Goodness

Oh, mint. Perfect for soothing winter sniffles, refreshing summer recipes, and decorating and flavoring desserts! Though let’s be honest… I could do with a mint mojito coffee from Philz any day of the week! Here are 2 recipes that I’m going to be making allllllll summer long! Image

Mint iced coffee. (top) Mint mojito coffee ice cream. (bottom) 

PS. Did you know that mint is considered an invasive plant? Weed alert?! With the amount of mint I’ll be using, maybe I don’t mind!