EAT x MAKE // Lots of Superfood “Bowl” Food + Meal Prepping

I was really diligent in meal prepping this week and trying to eat healthier. Quick tidbit on what happened: I actually haven’t been able to exercise and work out lately due to ankle/foot pain. I finally went to the doctor and was diagnosed with Achilles tendonitis and tendonitis in both inner/outer ankles on my right foot.

I have been banned from running and hiking. I’m on rest until the excruciating pain in the morning in my heel and calf cease.. ice has been helping a little. I always thought doing heel drops and stretching out my calves would help, but I learned from my PT that it’s actually harming me– my achilles is overstretched right now and I need to focus on stopping the inflammation FIRST.. before moving into exercises. No weight bearing exercises.

Anyways, this means I’ll be trying to do more swimming. I tried rowing and biking and although it doesn’t hurt my Achilles as much… it hurts my ankle tendonitis. It’s so frustrating! So I did a lot of research and read about certain superfoods that might help with my healing (like collagen and Vitamin E!).

Here goes some food for this week. An acai coconut smoothie with cacao nibs on top. I used triple berry frozen fruit blend and coconut milk.
acai coconut smoothie

Honey sesame tofu with roasted veggies & sweet potatoes over cauliflower rice and topped with avocado. I roast everything all on the first day and put everything in separate containers.. and just scoop to make bowls.
tofu sweet potato cauliflower rice buddha bowl
Roasted peppers and spicy sausage scramble. Also with avocado on top (duh).
sausage pepper scrambled egg with avocado

Shitake/button mushroom & bok choy udon with mushroom broth.
shitake mushroom bok choy udon dashi base
Jasmin tea latte with mashed strawberries (for the beautiful pink color) with rose petals.
rose jasmine latte with rose petals
Finally got around to doing this project. I dyed some kitchen towels last week and now lettered some cute food sayings on them! Heres the pink ‘nom nom’ one. hand lettering calligraphy kitchen tea towels DIY