TRAVEL | Alameda Point Antiques Faire

Earlier this month, I ventured out to the Alameda Point Antiques Faire. It’s held the first Sunday of every month with scaffolded pricing. The earlier you go, the more expensive. I didn’t get that at first, so I went for the $5 admission, which was after 9am.

Once I got there, I realized why. EVERYONE is bustling and grabbing the great deals early in the morning!!! It was way busier and packed than I expected. I’ve been to the San Jose Flea Market before and it’s dwindled since I remember going as a kid. I thought it’d be like that, but NOPE. I guess Alameda’s Flea market is the place to go!

I wasn’t searching for anything in particular, but it was fun looking at all the stuff that was there. There were tons of vendors with a lot of useful stuff. I was looking for some cool lettering things or antique art supplies, but didn’t find much. I was also looking for  Le Crueset  dutch oven to add to my kitchen!

My favorite as you’ll see were the record players, suitcases, and vintage signage! I like the idea of having those suitcases stacked in my living room because it doubles as STORAGE, but looks presentable! What do you look for when you’re thrifting?

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Cooked | Fall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal

I didn’t start this blog as a food blog, but I’m beginning to see a trend of posting food! Makes sense, since most people eat 3-6 times a day. I eat 6 small, personally. Maybe I’ll have to switch things up on this blog, like add sections and turn this self discovery blog into a lifestyle blog. Thoughts for 2106…

Today’s breakfast was humble oatmeal. Elevated with fresh fall persimmons (organic from my friend’s tree!), coconut chips, cacao nibs, and goji berries. I always have the latter 3 in my pantry, but you can switch up the persimmons with any fall fruit. Another favorite of mine is pomegranate!

Fall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal Persimmons Goji Berries Cacoa Nibs Coconut ChipsFall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal Persimmons Goji Berries Cacoa Nibs Coconut Chips

Today, I’m mixing paint in preparation for creating some new art pieces! It’s been a while since I’ve touched paint, so I’m excited!