Remixed: Gold Sequin 3 ways

The fun part about having a “small” wardrobe is remixing it to make it work for multiple events. I bought a muted gold sequin tshirt from H&M 4 years ago, and it still gets worn to this day. Here are 3 ways that I’ve worn sequins. I don’t own the magenta shoes, but it’s on my Lust List. I usually pair it with black ballerina flats, because I’m not a heels type of girl! The rest I have in some capacity or another, not brand wise, but you get the point.Gold Sequin 3 ways

Dark Side of the Moon

My tiny 9×9 room/office/studio is all white currently because 1) I like how clean and streamlined it is 2) it’s inspiring 3) it shows dirt easily 4) white makes my room look bigger than it is…

BUT, I also like the polar opposite also! I am in love with this moon print! I’d get it blown up the size of one wall with sleek and simple furniture. I also love the cement office organization, an ode to rocks and the surface of the moon.


What would you do to change up your home office?

March Goals

Okay, for starters, I splurged. It was a bag I’d been eyeing for the longest time and it was worth like 5 months of my shopping budget, which is $100/month. BUT it was so worth it and I canNOT wait for it to be in my hands. It’s a hard bag to get your hands on because they don’t have ecommerce nor sell in most department stores. I’m happy to sacrifice 5 months of shopping budget towards it, which is a perfect lead in to my March goals!

1. Sweet drinks down to 2 times a month (you don’t understand my boba and coffee addiction)

2. Gym 3x a week, 30 minutes of exercise a day.

3. No shopping unless using up money from selling clothes at Platos Closet.

4. Organize craft supplies.

5. Take care of all reimbursements from work!

6. Get some more pictures up on this blog.. I know, I know. Slowly but surely.

Core Values

In the last 2 years, I’ve picked up a core value that involves pairing down and striving to live a less materialized life. It’s not the easiest thing and don’t get me wrong,  I’ve still got boxes and boxes of untouched memories of my past to slowly sift through and toss. Devoting yourself to a more minimalistic lifestyle in no way means that I’m already there (yeah, right!). The act of going through your material possessions is difficult because the things you keep carry so many memories. It’s an incredibly emotional process, but that’s the most important part: it’s a PROCESS.

This summer, I went through my closet and got rid of a LOT clothes. (Have you ever counted every single article of clothing you own? Jackets, shirts, dresses, pants, scarves, skirts, tshirts, shorts… it adds up!!!). Capsules, remixable wardrobes, whatever you want to call it. I did 30×30 challenges for the longest of time to help myself pair down to the articles I truly wore and cherished. NOT easy. I’ve finally settled on seasonal capsules. I have my basics, which now I can afford quality items in exchange for variety and quantity. Each season, I allow myself to purchase a few items to modernize and amp up my basics. My most recent purchase included cream and black silk blouses in exchange for Oxford button downs I’ve owned for at least 3 years. They’re my closet’s new workhorses!

Here’s an example from my February 30×30 this year. Lots of black and white, but they make remixable very easy for me. My basics include: grey sweater (GAP), striped shirt (LandsEnd), herringbone vest (JCREW), grey coat (Warehouse), speckled asymmetrical moto cardigan (Ann Taylor). I love patterns and textures and little pops of color, so that’s found in striped/glittered flats (Banana Republic), red vegan leather bag (Angela+Roi), and coral slacks (Bossini Hong Kong) and coral top (F21). A lot of these pieces cross seasons, which makes it EVEN better when it comes down to owning less items!


With less items, I’ve found my life has changed in so many ways. I’m more mindful of my choices and more selective about what I buy, when I buy. It’s even carried over to other aspects of my life, such as being able to say “No” or to be selective about how and with whom to spend my time and energy on. In tiny steps, I find myself stress less and less by practicing mindfulness. It’s a new level of contentment that I have never experienced and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and my life.

How do you practice mindfulness or how would you like to? 🙂

February Resolutions

I set my goals small this month, knowing it was my evaluation month. That being said, my principal dropped in 30 minutes earlier than we set and stayed 30 minutes later than scheduled. Talk about stress! I’m used to people walking in without notice (note: superintendents, assistant superintendents, ELD team from the district, etc), but an evaluation is an evaluation. HAHA. Anyhow, it went well and my P said “I couldn’t have done it better.” HUGE SIGH OF RELIEF STARTS NOW!

So here they are:
1. Clothes budget of $150– haven’t used it up, but I bought 2 dresses for upcoming spring/summer weddings and my grandpa’s 90th birthday party! 
2. Sugary drinks only once a week (boba, coffee, etc). So far, so good! I was trying to cut all coffee at first and my body went into withdrawal! Crazy caffeine! I’ve increased my green tea consumption to 2-3 cups a day and coffee only if I’m not able to function (which is 3/5 days a week right now). Now I take my boba “least level of sweetness” and coffee with no sugar. 
3. Gym 2x/ week, 20 minutes of exercise daily– I missed one week here when I got hit with a nasty nasty flu 2 weeks ago and was bedridden for 5 days, but aside from that, been hitting my FitBit goals and doing 20 minutes of something active! What’s neat is that when I work, I usually have walked 10K steps by 1pm (good indicator of monitoring my class enough!), but on the weekends, I’ll only be at 5K around 5pm!!! Looks like I’ve finally learned to relax (maybe too much!)
4. Quit BoonByron and make Etsy Banner– I quit BB since I had to pay monthly fees and I’m not to the point of where I’d like to be in selling my crafts, so I ended it until I feel like I’m truly ready to take that part on. I’ve enrolled in an Illustrator class, but I’m not quite sure I know what I’d like my banner to look like yet! Any designers out there that can give some tips on branding??? I’m lost… yikes! Maybe some more time needed on this one…

That’s it, folks! It’s almost March!!! Less than 90 days left of school! Then to teach summer school -________- , but then I have a few vacations to look forward to! 😀

Dreams Change

When I was in the 4th grade, I went to my FAVORITE place in the world at the time (…the library, of course!) and borrowed a book on sewing for kids. I remember the whirring of my mom’s sewing machine, her little desk on the side of her bed, and watching her mend and hem her own (and our) clothes. My mom made a copy of that book for me because you could practice sewing lines and curves on the pages of that wonderful wonderful book. I wish I knew the title, but that is the first moment I remember realizing I loved working with my hands. 

Over the past few years, my dreams have changed. Now maybe, the stresses and politics of being a teacher have worn me down, but I slowly feel my passion and enthusiasm towards teaching gently weaning. I can even say my dreams have changed within the past few months. I’ve been seesawing between continuing with teaching or quitting to pursue art. I’m still not at a point where I have made a decision, but an idea has been implanted in my mind. I haven’t quite worked up the courage to take a leap of faith, but if any time is a good time, this would probably be the best. 

My craft dreams have changed with everything too. Trying to figure out what to focus my efforts on is difficult. I’m a bit ADD and interested in almost anything. I love trying new things in the world of crafting and I’m constantly seeking to find my little niche. Sewing , knitting, crocheting, painting, water-coloring, drawing, clay working, felting, beading/jewelry making, screenprinting, and most currently, card making, calligraphy, graphic arts/design, and lettering. 

With Christmas and Valentines Day past, I have decided to take off some time from card making to learn more and work on other new things. I’d like to take some time off to learn a few new things, practice others, pick my camera back up, and find a vision for this blog. I’m not sure how long, but I’ll know when I know. Dreams may change, but goals get done. Let the goal setting and doing begin! 

Wait, January!

I don’t do yearly resolutions and it’s not because I’m too awesome for them, nor is it because I never get them done. I do monthly resolutions because simply put, they work for me. Do what works for you, or else you’ll never do it. I learned that in most aspects of my life except exercise (because I don’t know what works for me… yet). Moving along to those resolutions of January 2014…

1. No shopping for clothes or shoes.
2. Get website up and running.
3. Get Etsy up and running.
4. Get myself up and running (literally. in the gym.)

Verdict. Everyone wants to know verdict, right?
1. SUCCESS! I even DONATED old clothes and sold some for a oh so whopping $50!
2. SUCCESS! The website?
3. SUCCESS! Find me here!
4. MILD SUCCESS… I bought the new Fitbit Force and am trying to sell the Flex. I needed immediate feedback and since I’ve bought it, I’ve hit my goal 90% of the days!

So there you have it. January goals and results. Great start to the new year. February goals will be posted this weekend (that’s supposed to keep me accountable because clearly, I was SO on time with January’s resolutions!)


A Simple New Years DIY Garland

This is a bit late, but this year, I made decorations for our New Years Eve party! It’s such a little detail, but little things make a big difference sometimes.

You will need:
-Black and gold glittered cardstock (or any color you’d like to have for that matter!)
-Scalloped circle punch
– 1/8″ hole punch
-Twine (any color, you pick!)

1. Punch out scalloped circles (mine are 1 1/2″) from cardstock. (Don’t bother doing your forearm workout.. this task will take care of it your workout quota for the day…)

2. Use 1/8″ hold punch and punch 2 holes on opposite sides of each scalloped circle.

3. Thread twin through scalloped circles to desired length. (I dipped the ends of the twine in wax so the end wouldn’t fray. I HIGHLY suggest this because it will cut your project time by half or more!)

4. Hang up as a garland, then spread the leftover scalloped circles on your party table as confetti!



Happy 2014!

There aren’t many I make resolutions for at the beginning of the year, but that’s because I make monthly resolutions instead. My whole year has mini resolutions, because let’s face it.. how hard is it to have foresight for a whole 365 days?! 12 months gives me too much wiggle room to say “I’ll start tomorrow…”! 

One of my resolutions for January is to start a blog for Eekiepoo. (Check!) I’ve learned that starting a little indie business is not easy, especially in terms of long term planning. I’m basically starting with ZERO background knowledge. The internet, library, bookstore and I have become fast friends. 

My goal is for 1 post a week. It’ll definitely be more DIY and crafty than my other blogs. 


Cheers to another year!


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