ETSY // New Illustrated Pun Birthday Cards!

Today was card design day over here at AOL. It’s been a while since I’ve gotten to creating new cards, but summer is here and after spending my first few days of summer vacation relaxing (and cleaning!)… I’m ready to get more cards into the shop!

 SHOP “Oh Snap!

SHOP “Fringe Balloon Birthday Card

SHOP “Shell-ebrate

SHOP “Still Got It

EAT // Souvla: Mission, SF

When I traveled to Greece with my brother after we graduated from college, we had this AMAZING gyro at a corner store for dirt cheap. Despite the price, it was one of the most delicious gyros I’ve ever had. I remember it was after we had come down from Acropolis and it was hot as Hades. We were covered in dirt and sweat and were HUNGRY as wolves. A quirk I noticed was they put the fries IN the gyro– still do it to this day when I get gyros. 

Fast forward to 2017.. SOUVLA.  I initially saw the Greek-inspired cup design and then was lured in by the frozen yogurt pictures because I love frozen yogurt, friends. The tart kind, not the sugar filled ones… and if you like that too, Souvla’s got your back.

Aside from the Insta-worthy interior, they have great food. A and I tried the lamb and pork shoulder gyros, which were both good, but we both preferred the lamb in the end. (Funny, because I don’t like lamb…perhaps because the taste was covered in an amazing tzatziki sauce.) We also got the Greek fries, which were a tad underseasoned, but the cut and fry of the fries were perfect.

souvla valencia interior
souvla valencia interiorEvidently, you can get yourself a $20 chicken after 6pm. Look at them chickens get their rotisserie on.souvla greek fries gyros lamb pork Here I am, so excited to finally try this place I’ve bookmarked for months. souvla greek fries gyros lamb pork closeup
souvla greek fries gyros lamb pork souvla greek fries gyros lamb pork souvla greek frozen yogurt baklava honey

EAT // Lasagna x Bacon Egg Hash x Strawberry Cheesecake Cupcakes

My friends, I’ve figured out my personality as an eater after a friend spoke the word: GRAZER. I am a grazer.. little eating here and there. She totally got me defined in one word!

Homemade turkey/beef marinara sauce for lasagna and 4 clove garlic bread. Yummmm
Prebaked graham crackers and fresh pureed strawberries in the batter.

Fresh strawberry puree <3
Celebrating A’s new job!
A and I love brunch, but brunch is insanely expensive… so we try to make brunch whenever we can! This is bacon, red bell peppers, onions, red potato hash with fried eggs on top. We love a good one cast iron pan dish.

Ice cream at TinPot Creamery in Palo Alto during A and my midweek date. We got malted chocolate and Cookie Monster to share.

Tomorrow I’ll be sharing food and location from Souvla, a restaurant A and I tried for the first time this weekend in the Mission!


EAT // Memorial Day BBQ x Beer Chicken x Brazilian Food!

Here’s a fun fact about me: I love to cook and bake, but I do not really like to eat! I love the process aspect and making food beautiful, but when it comes time to eat it… I’ll take a few bites and nibble here and there! Granted, I’m a small and VERY PICKY eater… I’m definitely a eat to survive type girl. Of course there are exceptions — anything matcha and brunch basically!

Anyways, I thought I’d try something new and share highlights of what I ate every week! This won’t be a food recipe blog by any means, by the way.

Beer Chicken IPA Lagunitas I bought a few different beers to photograph for my design project and decided to use them to cook since I don’t drink beer (I don’t drink anything carbonated — not just a picky eater.. also a picky drinker. 😛 ) The chicken turned out super tasty, but nothing beats the cranberry balsamic chicken I made last winter!
Chicken Salad Apples Grapes Cranberries Onions Celery Greek YogurtRotisserie chicken is my savior. I dislike cooking meat because I get sick to my stomach after dealing with raw meat for more than 2 minutes pretty much. Not my forte.
Brazilian Fresh Squeeze Cafe Berkeley Tritip Steak Chipotle Chicken Tacos Next up is Brazilian food from Berkeley! A and I went to thrift shop and ended up trying Brazil Fresh Squeeze Cafe across from UCBerkeleyExtension building.
Memorial Day BBQ Pesto Shrimp Skewers Steak Bites Last week’s Memorial Day BBQ.. we skewered beef and shrimp kabobs! Also made bacon potato salad, chicken wings, corn, and grilled pineapple for dessert.
Baked Parmesan Potato Wedges4 clove garlic and herb roasted potatoes.
Greek Yogurt Corn Flank Steak Fajitas Bell Peppers A collection of leftover produce and foods in our fridge… plus new additions of corn (5 for $2! and the flank steak was only $10!!! WHAT?!) I love a good meal that is budget friendly.

Until next week,