Why It’s Been Quiet Around Here

Hello all!

It’s been insanely quiet around here and for an exciting reason! I have been taking graphic design classes at night for the past 2 years and I’m finally on my last class- portfolio!

It’s been the most challenging class. I’m creating 8 projects to include in my portfolio. I am create a full project with 4 components (sometimes more!) EACH WEEK. It’s CRAZY/SCARY how many hours I’ve logged on the computer doing work…

Due to the workload, I had to put designing products for Adventure of Letters on hold, but I hit an exciting milestone — 100+ orders! Never did I think that I would be selling that many cards or have so much freelance work opportunities. It’s been a great experience and I can’t wait to be done with Portfolio class and be able to make all the creative ideas in my head a reality!

Hopefully more posts soon! 2 more weeks!