LIFESTYLE | 7 Tips to Survive Being Outdoors All Day

My side hustle is basically designing and creating cards and stationery for Adventure of Letters, but my day job is teaching PE! It’s a new thing this year since I was teaching 1st grade for 4 years prior, but so far, I love it! I get to be outdoors, running around and getting kids active too. Win-win for me since I love being outdoors and I value staying active. Here are a few things I’ve learned about having a job that is outdoors!

  1. Wear and REAPPLY sunscreen.
    1. I can’t stress reapply enough, really. I use this¬†for face SPF and this for my body. The former has serum built in, so that helps with keeping my skin healthy, not just protected. Being out in the sun all day dries your skin out, so I need that serum. The latter, I love because it’s not too sticky and the coconut scent is divine. It’s like you’re on a beach on vacation. It also doesn’t leave a chalky residue on you.
    2. I also use hand SPF! I wash my hands A LOT throughout the day because handling sports equipment that has come across a lot of students’ hands.. gets plain dirty. Regular SPF will wash off quickly with soap, but this one has proven that it stays on for at least 2 more washes than with normal SPF! It also is very moisturizing. Handling sports equipment with dry cracked hands is actually fairly painful.
  2. Wear a hat and sunnies.
    1. Don’t think you’re good to go with SPF only. Your eyes need protecting.. and if you’re constantly squinting.. you’re gonna get wrinkles on your face after a while! Most days, I wear a baseball cap because it makes it easier to move around, but I prefer to have a big hat with a wide brim that can cover my shoulders too!
  3. Hydrate.
    1. More than you think you need.. and throughout the day. I made this mistake thinking I was fine my first week, then ended up with a massive headache.
  4. Exfoliate!
    1. When I get home, I’ve got 3-4 layers of reapplied sunscreen on me, so exfoliating is a big deal to me. I need to slough off all that sunscreen and moisturize. I use one of those dry brushes to scrub off the caked on sunscreen and dead skin.
  5. Moisturize.
    1. Immediately after getting out of the shower, I slather on coconut or almond oil. It absorbs into my skin rather than sitting ON my skin as most lotions do. I’ve noticed I need to put on oil/lotion 2-3 times a day now because the sun really does dry out your skin.
  6. Change up the cut/length of your tanks/tees/shorts/pants.
    1. If your’e like me and you tan very easily.. you get lots of different farmers tans. My tans also stay for a pretty long time before it fades. Change up the cut/length of your tops and bottoms so you don’t continue to tan the same every day. My tan evens itself out eventually, with the exception of my sock tan. I wear low socks, but my foot is definitely a lot lighter than my legs! HAHA
  7. Stretch + Soak.
    1. I stand all day on hot asphalt. My knees, ankles, and feet are so tired at the end of the day… so I take the time to stretch while my students are active. I also do an Epsom salt foot soak every night to soothe my aching feet.


That’s it! Whether you work outside, or you’re on vacation and spending days out in the sun.. those are my 7 tips to surviving being outdoors all day! Hope they help you out!


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