5 Must Know Tips for Packing Light & Sample Pack List for Monterey/Carmel, CA

Friends, after I made this pack list on Polyvore, I saw the pack list for my solo trip to San Diego back in April… and gosh, it looks so similar to this. I am pretty convinced I might be the most basic person ever.  Then again, I’ve whittled my wardrobe down to a small number of items, so I’m playing with mixing and matching with my minimal closet…
I know I keep saying it, but pairing down to a capsule closet of basic essentials and quality pieces is so great. Packing is always a breeze and I take 20 minutes max to do it. Serious.
Monterey/Carmel is going to be mid to high 60s, and with it being by the coast, I’m thinking warm, but breezy day time and chilly evenings.  I’m spending time at the beach and hiking/explore equally, so I chose to bring layering pieces (vest over sweater over tank top). Comfort is always key for me.
Tips for packing light when you don’t have a minimalist closet:
1) Plan outings/things to do beforehand, so you know what kind of things you’ll be wearing. If you’re going on a romantic getaway or a girls trip, you’ll probably want to bring something a little more dressed up (black dress instead of grey), a statement necklace, a elevated jacket, and either heels or fancier sandals. You get the gist.
2)Choose a neutral, whether it’s black, grey, white, navy, or brown/beige. Stick to 1, but really don’t go more than 3.
3) Choose an accent color. Here, I chose army green to ground all my other pieces and add interest. If you simply cannot decide on ONE color, decide between cool or warm colors. Bring pieces that are all in the same color family.
4) Choose pieces that are not fussy or don’t wrinkle easily!
5) Choose pieces that layer well together. You never know about weather and also, layering creates texture and depth, which in turn add interest to outfits.
See you in Monterey!


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