TRAVELING // San Diego Zoo, CA

I took a solo trip down to San Diego recently, which included a bunch of “firsts”. First time flying alone and first time renting a car were the highlights. I’m so glad I rented a car because San Diego is not a walkable city. I definitely got a workout walking around town and everywhere; there are hills EVERYWHERE.

I lived in an AirBNB in Mission Hills, which was quiet and peaceful, but also close to most highways and nearby districts. I was only a 10 minute drive from Balboa Park, Hillcrest, Little Italy. I was 15 min from Gaslamp and Downtown. La Jolla was 20 minutes north. Good place to live!

One of the first things I did when I got to San Diego was go to the Zoo. It’s the 100th year anniversary, so they had some special things going on, but the true reason I went was to see the PANDAS. See, pandas are only at certain zoos in the US.. and I’m not about to fly over to D.C. to see the panda there. I had to wait in line and it was slightly underwhelming since one was asleep, BUT I can cross that off my life’s bucket list!

SDZoo is GIANT. It also is hilly. Think Oakland times 10. I spent about 5 hours there to slowly wander around all the exhibits. My go to is always the giraffes and they had 8 giraffes!!! You can’t get as close to them here. My favorite zoo to get near giraffes might be the Sacramento Zoo. The coolest animal I saw here that I haven’t seen in other zoos was the snow leopard.