Spring Bucket List

It’s spring! I have a MASSIVE love/hate relationship with spring. I love it because it signifies the end of winter (I don’t like grey gloomy days and cold days since I get the winter blues). I hate it because my allergies are on overdrive.

I’m pretty excited about spring because it signifies the start of warmer weather. I am a sun loving girl! Without further ado, here’s my spring bucket list!

spring bucket list

WEAR // stripes x polka dots x pinks

stripes x polka dots x pinks


I looked back into my Polyvore today, since I haven’t logged in and updated my closet in a while (maybe a year and some…), and I saw THIS styling I made in May 2014! Today is the first day of spring and this fits the bill.
I no longer own some of these items, but hey, I’d still wear all 5 of these outfits today. I’d switch out the pink sweater in #2 to a black/white (did I really own a pink striped sweater?? or did I do that for color purposes.. because I’m pretty sure I’d never buy a pink sweater!). If you’re going to go with both dots and stripes, don’t choose big of both prints. I’m petite and that overwhelms your size real quick.
Another tip: have the size of your print be proportional to your own size. Petite? Get little dots. Tall? Get bigger dots. Not to say you can’t rock it the other way, but I personally dress pretty minimal/utilitarian… but if you like a statement piece, then go for it!

I’m Baaaackkkk (Kinda)

Hello blog world… been a while, huh?

I want my blog to reflect my lifestyle and what interests me. It’s an invitation into my daily life, but then I’m starting to think I’m a little bit too introverted for blogging. I literally feel uncomfortable every time I’m sharing photos and thoughts in my life. On the other hand, it’s the perfect outlet for me. Cognitive dissonance, friends. My BA in Psychology is coming into play here, you see that?

I’m putting my blog under construction because I’m struggling with the UX side of things. I’m not liking how it’s laid out and how it is experienced, but I don’t have knowledge of how to design websites.. so I mean, that’s where I am right now.

Ideally, I’d like to use my blog to share my travels, my creative process/life, kitchen musings, and how I live “minimally”. So for now, it’ll be quieter over here as I develop content and figure out how I’d like to balance blogging (a ton of work in front of the computer) and living in digital detox.