Travel | Lands End, San Francisco

I’m utilizing every single rainless day before El Niño hits to continue being outdoors. This weekend, I ventured to one of my favorite hiking places in SF: Lands End.

The whole hike is basically a breathtaking view of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. You can stay on the Coastal Trail, but I like diverging and going down to Mile Rock Beach, then back up to Eagle’s Point for the view of the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is missing again, which is a real bummer for people who go just to see it. Whoever is messing it up could use a respect check… The trail wraps back to the Legion of Honor, which you can walk on the Camino del Mar back to Lands End Lookout/Sutro Baths.

The weather was beautiful: sunny, but chilly. Of course, as time passed, Karl the Fog rolled in covering the blue sky and white overcast covered the sky. Days like this are actually terrific for taking photos – no strange shadows.



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