DIY | Hand Stamped Tea Towels

I’ve always loved fabrics. I remember walking into Joanns and just running my hands along each bolt of fabric, feeling the textures, silkiness, and coolness or warmth of each fabric. Staring at patterns on fabric. 

Then in college, taking screenprinting classes, but never quite pursuing it fully. Buying books and researching how to create seamless patterns and print on fabric and paper. 

Even teaching my students how to use foam and scratch foam to create patterns to block print. 

So when I got a concussion last week and was suggested no reading, TV, computer, phone… I used my time to create this. Tea towels are expensive. I use them when I photograph things, especially food.

This project is easy.. all you need are tea towels, fabric paint, a brush for applying paint, foam sheets with sticker backing, cardboard to mount stamps on, and scissors to cut the foam.

Hand Printed Tea TowelsI put the paint on a piece of felt to make a stamp pad at first, but I liked using a brush in the end to cover the stamp more evenly. I like the handmade quality of foam stamps and block printing in general. The easiest way to print this is to start from the top to bottom, so you don’t smudge paint. You can measure things, but I eyeballed this one, and used a pencil to mark the end of the cardboard mount as an indicator of where to stamp next to it! Don’t forget to iron opposite side to heat set when paint dries.

Hand Printed Tea Towels

Ta-da! Finished mini mountain tea towel! If you don’t use tea towels, this is an amazing DIY gift for others. You can use the towel to wrap presents (like Japanese furoshiki– fabric wrapping) and then the gift receiver can use the tea towel in their kitchen! Eco-friendly, cute, AND functional! 😀

What are you making?

Gift Guides | For Holiday (& Beyond!)

You know, I started doing these gift guides thinking it was fun and games… and stopped for 2 reasons: 1) Life happened 2) I had a moment of misaligned values, being a minimalist and yet telling people to shop. Cognitive dissonance.

But people shop anyways, so here I am back on these gift guides a mere 5 days before Christmas! Don’t worry though, these gift guides work for all year round! 🙂 I enjoyed curating these guides and focused on choosing as many ethically sourced items and supporting small businesses as much as possible.

Hopefully you get some ideas from my gift guides, but I totally understand if I didn’t cover every person on your list; I know I have a certain aesthetic. 😛

Happy Shopping! 🙂

Gift Guides Bestie

Dainty Ring | Keychain Tassel | Patterned Bag | Dual Infinity Scarf | Diptyque Candles 

Gift Guides Guys

Keyring | Duffel Bag | Wooden Watch | Suede Cleaner | Gift Guides Little Ones

Ladybug Checkers | Color Blocked Blocks | Printmaking Kit | Freshly Picked shoes | Headband | Harem Pants

Gift Guides Organizer

Black and White Patterned Journals | Grown Up Pencil Toppers | Get Shit Done Pencils | Pencil Bag | Desktop Weekly Planner

Gift Guides Hostess

Lunar Coasters | Barr-Co. Soap & Lotion Caddie | Fancy Candle | Salt Curing & Serving Board | Wooden Ring Cheese Board

Gift Guides Minimalist

Rose Gold Bobby Pins | U Pin Earrings | Succulent Pot | V Neck Collar Necklace | Patterned Scarf

Gift Guides Wanderlust

Travel Journal | Passport Holder | Desktop Calendar | Large See Through Clutch | Sliding Matchbox 

Cooked | Fall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal

I didn’t start this blog as a food blog, but I’m beginning to see a trend of posting food! Makes sense, since most people eat 3-6 times a day. I eat 6 small, personally. Maybe I’ll have to switch things up on this blog, like add sections and turn this self discovery blog into a lifestyle blog. Thoughts for 2106…

Today’s breakfast was humble oatmeal. Elevated with fresh fall persimmons (organic from my friend’s tree!), coconut chips, cacao nibs, and goji berries. I always have the latter 3 in my pantry, but you can switch up the persimmons with any fall fruit. Another favorite of mine is pomegranate!

Fall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal Persimmons Goji Berries Cacoa Nibs Coconut ChipsFall Seasonal Superfood Oatmeal Persimmons Goji Berries Cacoa Nibs Coconut Chips

Today, I’m mixing paint in preparation for creating some new art pieces! It’s been a while since I’ve touched paint, so I’m excited!


Cooked |Superfood Chocolate Bark

I’ll admit.. I’m a superfood type of person. I look to nature to nourish my body, like matcha green tea lattes as my afternoon energy boost, acai bowls loaded with antioxidant to fight colds, coconut oil/argan oil mix for lotion, stinging nettles as allergy medicine… the list is endless.

In my pantry, I always have cranberries, pistachios, coconut chips, dark baking chocolate, sea salt, and coconut oil. It never occurred to me to put all these things together to make chocolate bark for the holidays. MOSTLY because I don’t really indulge in chocolate, but also a lot of the chocolate bark I see is loaded with sweets.

This would be a super DIY gift for the holidays or indulge in it yourself!

DSC00193Superfood Chocolate Bark Cranberry Pistachio Coconut Sea Salt



Cooked | Latkes with Applesauce & Sour Cream

It’s Hannukah! That means fried foods in general, but for this post in particular, latkes. Latkes are like hashbrowns, but elevated. I’ve eaten latkes, but never tried making them myself. Today changed the truth of that statement. Behold.

Latkes with Applesauce and Sour Cream

This is an averagely work intensive recipe to make. You have to grate potatoes and onions. I cried. No, really. I’m not sure why it’s ever a good idea to GRATE an onion, but the subtle onion flavor was worth the tears.

I read to relieve the crying, light a candle and put above where you’re grating, so the candle can “burn” off the gases emitted by the onion. Straight from Martha Stewart’s mouth. It sort of worked.

The other part that took a while was frying the latkes up! I used coconut oil because it tastes and smells better than vegetable oil.


I’m baking rugelach tonight, but I’m posting another gift guide tomorrow here on the blog!


Travel | Lands End, San Francisco

I’m utilizing every single rainless day before El Niño hits to continue being outdoors. This weekend, I ventured to one of my favorite hiking places in SF: Lands End.

The whole hike is basically a breathtaking view of the ocean and Golden Gate Bridge. You can stay on the Coastal Trail, but I like diverging and going down to Mile Rock Beach, then back up to Eagle’s Point for the view of the Labyrinth. The Labyrinth is missing again, which is a real bummer for people who go just to see it. Whoever is messing it up could use a respect check… The trail wraps back to the Legion of Honor, which you can walk on the Camino del Mar back to Lands End Lookout/Sutro Baths.

The weather was beautiful: sunny, but chilly. Of course, as time passed, Karl the Fog rolled in covering the blue sky and white overcast covered the sky. Days like this are actually terrific for taking photos – no strange shadows.



Keep exploring,