Baked | Oreo Chunk Cookies

My brother likes Oreos, but every time I bake with Oreos, there are a ton leftover… so I decided to try a new recipe to finish them off! I’m not a fan of Oreos (both my brother and I scrape off the filling.. we just like the cookie– next recipe might be to make the chocolate cookie alone!)

These cookies are really soft and decadent. I cut sugar because I mean, I put 14 chopped Oreos with the filling into these cookies. It’s your basic chocolate chip cookie dough, with the chips replaced by chopped Oreo chunks.

Oreo Chunk CookiesIMG_1304IMG_1337

PS. I didn’t partner with Oreo with this. This post is all my own and first found here at The Adventure of Letters! 🙂



Gift Guides: For the Introverted Movie Lover

This one’s for those loved ones who love watching movies (or any streaming company), but prefer saying at home in the comfort of their own homes! Also lovely for the more introverted, who want some social interaction, but need some time to recharge.GIft Guide- Movie-02Popcorn seasoning | Hot cocoa pops |Comfy slippers | Sassy mug for hot beverages | Indie flicks short films & game | Cozy throws

Gift Guides: For the Foodie

The gift season is upon us! For the next few weeks, I’ll be posting my picks for my loved ones as gift guides!

For the first edition of Gift Guides, I’m shopping for the foodie in your life. I happen to be the foodie in my family, so these are all things I’m eyeing for myself as well! Hope your foodie loves them too!

GIft Guide- Foodie

Mortar&Pestle | Matcha Tea Kit | Salt&Pepper Shakers
Linen Apron | Artisan Chocolate | Measuring Cups


Baked | Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting

Oh the humble carrot cake. It’s like Batman and the cream cheese frosting is Robin. Alone, both are grand, but together.. what an unbeatable team.

You know what I love about carrot cake? It’s made of carrots and THAT, my friends,  automatically makes this cake a vegetable. HAHA. I’m just kidding!

So if you haven’t noticed yet, I like simple things. I like when I don’t have to buy truffle oil from France and Himalayan pink sea salt for my recipes.  Low maintenance is my thing. I’m all about using whatever is already in your fridge and pantry. This cake is that low maintenance item that wows people into asking what bakery you bought it from.

This is the cake that broke 3 of my family friend’s diets. I’m not even going to apologize for that. Let’s just stare for a little bit.

Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese FrostingIMG_1295IMG_1302

Nom on,

Fall Bucket List Update!

Holy smokes, it’s November! Let’s revisit my Fall Bucket List (original post here). I wasn’t able to do many of the baking things because my oven broke! I finally got it fixed 2 days ago, so last night, I BAKED (duh!). I wrote “Bake a pie/cake”, but this apple fritter bread loaf is more like a cake. That may or may not be because I love cinnamon and sugar together… hehehe. 😀

You know what’s the best thing about this recipe? This is a clear-the-pantry recipe that doesn’t look it! It’s 2 small apples diced, 1 egg, 1 cup flour, plain Greek yogurt, and a ton of cinnamon/sugar/brown sugar. 15 minute prep!!!

You want to know about the taste, yes? It’s like coffee cake but ELEVATED because there are apple chunks populating the bread. More like invading.

Want to know something funny though? I left this baby out to cool down overnight, and when I woke up… SOMEONE ATE A PIECE ALREADY BEFORE I COULD GLAZE IT!!! At first, I was devastated… because 1) I didn’t glaze it yet 2) I put a lot of time into staging my photos, and how could I with a piece missing? But then, I quickly realized how hilarious it was. SOMEONE just couldn’t wait! HAHAHA.

Apple Fritter Bread

What is baking in your kitchen this fall? 🙂