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When I moved 9 times in 5 years during my college/grad school years, I realized I have MAJOR nomadic/wanderlust tendencies. Those tendencies inspired me to become more of a minimalist. Thankfully, paring down to essentials is simple for me as I am a “big picture” person. This brings me to the point of this post, where wanderlust meets minimalist!

I’m going on a road trip to Portland and Seattle! I’m looking at 70s, but weather is always variable up in the Pacific NW. I also get cold easily, so layering will forever be my style. I need clothes comfortable enough for hiking/exploring, loose enough to compensate for the amount of coffee/food I’ll be consuming, and classic enough for a museum/gallery day. I think this capsule will fit the bill.
I’m excited for some infinite adventuring!
Portland x Seattle

Eats | Outerlands [Outer Sunset] |

One of my favorite places to eat by Ocean Beach is a little brunch spot called Outerlands. The wait time is probably about 1 hour on any given day, but I got lucky this time and only had a 30 minute wait!

Outerlands has the type of food that is aesthetically pleasing to the eye, makes you eat at a ravenous rate, builds regret and guilt, but then helps you remember that it was 100% worth it because it was SO DAMN GOOD.

On that lovely day, I also lucked out and got a table RIGHT at the giant outdoor sea urchin mural. So happy I had to ask for a picture.

Outerlands Outdoor Mural

This is their Eggs in Jail. Levain toast with a perfectly cooked over easy egg in the center, topped with greens and bacon. Eggs in Jail at Outerlands

This is their Dutch pancake with strawberries. Light and fluffy with the perfect amount of syrup. I’m pretty sure this could pass as a dessert. You can also see those herb roasted purple potatoes with garlic aioli. Dutch Pancake with Strawberries

I’ve yet to try their dinner menu, but I’m sure it’s just as tasty as brunch is! Until my next foodie adventure,


Challenge Your Habits

The greatest thing I’ve learned since going back to school for design is to LET GO of my perfectionist tendencies.

(Oh! By the way, read to the end and you get a reward: a little clip of this lettering piece in action. 🙂 )

There is no perfectionism in design as it can always be better. I’ve scrapped whole designs I’ve worked on for weeks to start over and create something I love in a few hours. The first time it happened, I was SO IRATE. All those hours – WASTED!!!

In retrospect, those scrapped designs were good practice illustrating and helped cultivate and nurture creativity. Those scrapped designs challenged me to think outside the box to solve a design and functionality problem. Does it match the client’s personality? Does it reflect the brand’s vision? Does it work? Does it have a purpose? Is it navigable? Is it aesthetically pleasing?

See, I’ve learned being meticulous isn’t the same as being a perfectionist. Strive for excellence, not perfection. 

[wpvideo 1ovFwe59]

Use the Sleeves of My Sweater, Let’s Have an Adventure, Head in the Clouds but My Gravity’s Centered

I’m not even going to act like I’m not obsessed with the transition between end of summer and beginning of fall here. Oversized sweaters over shorts. Long vests, skinny jeans, and ankle boots. Layers on layers on layers. Stacked heels and stacked jewelry. 100%.

Here’s what I’m excited for this coming fall!

fall bucket list 2015 road trip football hiking baking smores candles blankets friendsgiving

What are YOU excited about this fall season? Do share! 🙂


Sweater Weather- The Neighbourhood

I’ll Rise Up, I’ll Rise Unafraid; I’ll Rise Up and I’ll Do It a Thousand Times Again

NOOOOOOOO!!! Summer is coming to a quick end, despite that gnarly heat wave last week. I’m experiencing summertime sadness, for sure. Thankfully, I enjoy autumn as well! I love the coziness and warmth (ironically) of autumn, I have an undeniable love for apple anything (cider!!!) and a hot hearty soup. You know what I don’t like? PUMPKIN. I will not fight you for any of that pumpkin spice latte or pie madness.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath and you come to acceptance of my dislike (and almost hate) of all things pumpkin. Just remember though, it’s excellent for you if you are a pumpkin lover and spend time with me because I will never fight you for the last cup or the last slice of latte or pie, respectively. 😉

I’m working on Fall Bucket List 2015 right now, but until that post, enjoy this magnificent and powerful song:


This song is hits all the feels. Andra’s voice reminds me of Amy Winehouse, Adele, Melanie Fiona with a little Lauryn Hill all mixed together. Her range is pretty crazy if you listen to her whole CD. Her look? Modern day Billie Holiday. Woman crush.

Happy Monday! 🙂

Andra Day- Rise Up

Hey Little Hollywood, You’re Gone but You’re Not Forgotten; You Got the Cash but Your Credit’s No Good

Life update real quick:

1) I took a 6 week long term sub position at a middle school, ending September 18. I never thought I’d like teaching middle school and always avoided it like the plague, but friends, I LOVE it! The best part was a tie between the fact that I don’t have to repeat myself and the 20 minutes of ABSOLUTE SILENCE.

2) I am actually picking up a lot of Mandarin since I’m co-teaching 6/7 grades in a Mandarin Immersion. It’s a wonderful experience!

3) My co-teacher is very knowledgeable in Chinese, but her lack of exposure in American public schools gives me the opportunity to mentor and guide her. It’s a new challenge! I appreciate working with people who share a “growth mindset”. (Watch this TedTalk by Carol Dweck — enlightening!) I’m going to be a little sad leaving this school because I’ve forged a strong connection with my students, their families, and the administration here.

4) My Illustrator class ended last Thursday. In the most simple way I can explain it, it’s a computer program like Paint, but with more fancy bells and whistles. Here are some of the project I did for this class (click on the photos to enlarge!):

How To Foldable

Created a foldable pamphlet to teach how to make something: I chose to do a Buddha bowl instructable.

1. Redesign logo for a SF event/festival. 2. Design poster for event. 3. Create map for event. 4. Create foldable brochure with event poster cover, map, and information.

1. Redesign logo for a SF event/festival.
2. Design poster for event.
3. Create map for event.
4. Create foldable brochure with event poster cover, map, and information.

Renegade Craft Fair SF

Version 2 of poster

Digitally illustrated fictitious cover for Rolling Stone.

Digitally illustrated fictitious cover for Rolling Stone.

1. Design a pattern. 2. Design a logo for a ficticious brand. 3. Design packaging for a food/drink item.

1. Design a pattern.
2. Design a logo for a ficticious brand.
3. Design packaging for a food/drink item.

Post on some of my personal side projects next time!

Houndmouth – Sedona

Keep It Simple

 Minimalism is a trend or a thing that is on the upswing and has been for a few years. Tiny homes, capsule wardrobes, and that “less is more” mentality. In theory, it seems wonderful and easy, but it’s really not. No matter how many times I purge, I still realize, I could still purge more.

Here’s the thing about minimalist living. People think it’s this one major purge, but most of the time, it’s not realistic. I’ve realized it’s actually a pretty intense emotional journey, letting go of your personal items, mostly because we have sentiments tied to these material objects. So I”ll leave it at this: forgive yourself and keep taking baby steps. We can do this! 🙂