I Owned Every Second That This World Could Give, I Saw So Many Places; the Things That I Did, With Every Broken Bone, I Swear I Lived

Happy Tuesday!

I had a few people ask me about my lettering, so I’m answering. The daily lettering I do is actually my own passion project. I’ve always liked physically writing things and I started dabbling in hand lettering less than a year ago. I’m self taught and still working on my craft. It’s not what I’m going to graphic design school for. Just clarifyin’. 😉

So basically, I am a graphic design student and I dabble in hand lettering on the side for fun.

I Lived || One Republic


Want it like you need your next breath. That’s dreams and vision.

Do it, even if not well. That’s bravery and courage.

Keep doing it. That’s tenacity and hustle.   

I’d Keep You Safe, I’d Keep You Dry; Don’t Be Afraid Cecilia, I’m the Satellite and You’re the Sky

I’m going to admit something, readers. I am a terrible writer and I have no clue on how to write content. I think I’ve said that before but I said it again and will probably say it more times in the future. It is noteworthy that I have used the power that is Google to research what to write. Then I decided against the research I got (naturally) and I’m going to stick to my guns and write whatever feels right and true. The purpose of this blog is to document my year; I’m being real here, straight up.

I read a lot of blogs and a lot of the time, I see amazingly gorgeous photos paired with people doing amazing things with their lives. I have this sudden daunting feeling that everything in their blog land is perfect and sunshine with lollipops. At the end of the day, I’m sure all bloggers have the same struggles and possibly even more pressure to have blogs worthy of their followers. I have high respect for bloggers as I am finding it is both tedious and time consuming. I’ve read it helps to have a blog calendar to plan content. That is a big step and investment I’m not ready to take, but I purchased a cheap calendar already to do it because I have learned that which makes you uncomfortable challenges you to grow. (Story of my life; do everything opposite…)

Friends, this is one of the most uncomfortable chapters of my life as I purposefully relinquish control and start letting go of everything. Not having a job feels good until you realize you have bills to pay. Design school feels valid until you realize who your competition is. Opportunities and challenges mean the same thing when it boils down to it.

Today’s lettering? Sing for the…. Courtesy of Aerosmith

Cecilia and the Satellite || Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness

I Don’t Even Know If I Believe; I Don’t Even Know If I Wanna Believe Anything You’re Trying to Say to Me; So Open Up My Eyes and Tell Me I’m Alive

I did 4 rounds of a leg/cardio HIIT double circuit this morning and my arms and legs feel like cooked spaghetti. Wibble wobble, wibble wobble. This past year of teaching was the first year that I actually consistently stayed active and exercised, so come summer, I don’t feel like I have to begin again and get BACK in shape. It’s more continue what I’ve been doing, but it’s even EASIER because I don’t have work to make me tired or to use as an excuse!

I’ve been swimming, biking, rowing, and in the gym daily –– some days TWICE A DAY (whoa, Nelly!). I’m gunning to get back to my high school days of fitness. I did 42 pushups in a row for the fitness testing. 42!!! Far cry from where I am right now, but I am in beast mode right now in life or something. I’m not complaining; I’m simply going to ride this Hyperfocus train until the last stop and see where it takes me.

Life is busier than I expected it to be in the summer, but I’m convinced that I no longer see my summer as a break. I left teaching and I see it as time to work on my craft and get work done. Planning phases are distracting and frustrating for visionaries because well, we see the big end goal and want it NOW. In our minds, it’s already there and attainable. We want to start working towards that end goal and go through the motions and the journey IMMEDIATELY. I’m learning to balance that visionary side of me with the grounded side that truly understands patience and embracing the process.

Failure to prepare is preparing to fail. -John Wooden

I’ve also been reading the book “Do the KIND Thing” by Daniel Lubetzky. The difference between this book and other business books I’ve read is that Lubetsky has a way of conveying his passion for his company in his anecdotes and stories that are engaging and inspiring. What I also love is it’s not a book about how to get rich and make it happen; Lubetsky always brings it back to purpose and his social mission and how to continually build a more compassionate world.

I’ve taken a break on hand lettering if you haven’t noticed. There is a bit of carpal tunnel going on with my wrist that has been acting up, so I’ve been resting it for a bit.

That’s it for updates as of late! Congrats if you made it through the whole post! 🙂

Believe || Mumford & Sons

I’m Just Gon’ Sit at the Dock of the Bay, Watchin’ the Tide Roll Away; Ooh Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay, Wastin’ Time

My allergies have been on overdrive this past week! The weather (mostly wind) is fickle and it’s tempting me to visit my cousin and his wife down in the Cayman Islands for a little while! Sun, sand, surf. My kinda life.

So these pens are amazing when you write with them, but they are terrible for lettering and filling in strokes. Lesson learned! 

Let’s go back to my 365 photography project and do a daily “From Where I Stand” photo starting now. White on white with greys, chillin’ pool side for days!  By the way,  there is such thing as perfection in my world and this is it:
ikea couch

Friends, IKEA ain’t playing around. Those Swedes got their shit together because I would buy that piece of amazing in the blink of an eye!

Sittin’ on the Dock of the Bay || Otis Redding

How Am I Gonna Get By Without the Help of the People I Know; For Better or Worse We All Come Together and They Won’t Let Me Die Alone

“Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves you, grows you or makes you happy.”
-Robert Tew

I need to live a life of purpose because I believe that things aren’t worth doing if I’m not wholeheartedly doing it. The innate perfectionist within me fights this belief greatly, so when I choose to “quit” something, I automatically feel guilty. I’m (slowly) learning that there is no guilt or shame in quitting; it’s being aware that you have limitations and ACCEPTING yourself for it. Personally, it think quitting is sometimes MORE difficult than sticking it out because it’s eating a Costco sized piece of humble pie.

I am working hard to frame it in a positive light and think: while I excel at many things, ABC is not one, so take it as a gift from the universe telling you to pursue XYZ.

I will always be a work in progress, so might as well start embracing it! 🙂

This is an excellent reminder to live your life!

The People I Know || Eric Hutchinson

Hello My Only One, Remember Who You Are, No You’re Not Perfect but You’re Not Your Mistakes

I was the kid who wanted to be a million and one things when I grew up because I simply thought -and STILL think- I can do it all

Call me foolish, but I think in this case, it might be synonymous to TENACIOUS. I’m gonna go with that. 😉 Though, as I get older that thought has evolved into “I can do anything, but not everything.”  I have limitations just like the subject title says: “No, you’re not perfect, but you’re not your mistakes.” 

I stayed up until 2:30am last night work on coloring and fixing this and that on my logo redesign before having to put it on a poster this week. I lose track of time so easily when immersed in art. If you didn’t see how it looked as of yesterday, you can find draft #1 pre critique here!

I wish I would’ve chased this dream so much earlier because in my heart, I think I know it’s one of the things I’ve always wanted to do.  I read somewhere on the internet “your job should be the culmination of everything you love to do”. ART TEACHER?! Hmm… let me mull on that one…

Coloring in: 4 week project for UCB's Illustrator class

Coloring in: 4 week project for UCB’s Illustrator class

 Hope you’re having a great weekend! I went out to SF yesterday for class and ended up walking around the Ferry Building area (that’s where my school is! GORGEOUS waterfront I usually don’t get to see since my classes were all at night last quarter!) I met 2 new friends in Illustrator class that will be joining our little Design Studio I group in taking DSII in the fall! I think by the end of this program, I’ll have become fast friends with most everyone in the program! (Is it a challenge for all 20-somethings to make friends after college or is it just my introverted self???)

Only One || Kanye West ft. Paul McCartney

Don’t Want the World to Know It Makes Me Weak; Don’t Want the World to Know Inside of Me; I Never Even Left, Sleep For the Night; Tell You I’ll Do Things Right

I started Summer Session 4 weeks ago for Illustrator and I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this class and professor! One of my classmates from Design Studio (last Spring) is also in my class and we really never have a dull moment. We are going to take Design Studio II together also with a few other classmates from DSI in the Fall. I’m STOKED because they are all very positive and good humored people; it’s incredibly refreshing to be around positive people! 

One of my favorite things about design classes is that you have critiques. The first critique I had, I was so nervous to show my work and explain it! Now that I’ve been doing it for 7 months (whoa! Time flies!), I am fairly comfortable with them. They are so great for feedback and most people are so kind, but give valid and pertinent feedback. This is WEEKLY on EVERY PROJECT. I wish teaching was more like this, especially since we were transitioning into CCSS and NGSS. 

My current long term project for class is to create a poster based on a festival/event in SF. I chose Renegade Craft Fair, which I go to every year to immerse and bask in the glory of other indie artists! It’s always an inspiring day for me to see others’ craft for sale! Maybe one day I’ll join in their ranks. 🙂

This will be my hand lettering for today also:

Draft #1

Draft #1

Coloring || Kevin Garrett

When You’re Loving Me, I’m Loving You; I Love the Prowess in the Things That You Do; And It’s Your Flawless Soul That Bleeds My Stone

Blogging daily is difficult in the summer because I don’t do much in the summer except read, workout, and relax! Wake up, meditate, yoga, coffee, read, research, do some art/design related thing, clean, organize, and then workout. That’s a typical day in a nutshell.

I am starting to tutor again because school tuition is rather hefty, just sayin’. I’m trying to set some travel plans soon, but I’m not really sure where I want to start! So many places, so little time! Where would you suggest to go? 🙂

Paolo Nutini || Loving You