You Can Have Manhattan, I’ll Settle For the Beach and Sunsets Facing Westward With Sand Beneath My Feet

I like music. A lot. I’m not sure there are many minutes of my day when I’m not listening to music of some sort; it’s because music has this white noise quality that keeps me hyperfocused. I’m noting that seemingly insignificant detail about myself because I’ve decided each blog title will be a song lyric. The song/artist is revealed at the end of the post! Fun, no? If not, hey, I tried.

I’ve also missed a few days, but I’m back to lettering.
DL11 | Tombow Brushpen I worked on revamping my resume today. Redoing it is an encouraging reminder of what I’ve accomplished in the past 3 years since I updated my resume last.

Manhattan- Sara Bareilles

Embracing Maybe

I’m starting this blog to document my year as a  “leave of absence”. It’s an opportunity for me to discover, explore, and challenge myself in different ways. You will most likely see a mess of graphic design projects from school, lettering pieces, daily musings, and hopefully some travel photos! I’m not promising anything here; this might crash and burn faster than a lit magnesium strip.

Moving along: my first challenge to myself was to start this blog. I can’t even imagine how difficult it will be for me to post daily since I dislike writing to begin with. I feel like I just pressured myself into something I already know I don’t want to do. Best way to start challenges, right? Hurl yourself into them; there’s no going back (especially now that you’ve posted on FB for accountability –– that makes it super legit, duh!)

Cheers to this journey of being comfortable with being uncomfortable!