Little, but beautiful things


I took the day off today for personal reasons (non emergency, by the way). I have to constantly remind myself to slow down in life. I’m a fast walkin’, fast talkin’, fast thinker, fast doer at work. I know it takes its toll on my body, mind, and soul even if I deny it and push on. Every single time I take a day off, I sleep in and appreciate the sleep I get more! I love making coffee and STAYING to stand in front of the coffeemaker, hearing, smelling, listening to the drip drop drip drop of my coffee.

I purposely strive to wake up at 6am to enjoy the still and quiet of the world. I find so much solace and peace in being awake and driving to work while the rest of the world is “asleep”. I have no place to go. I have nowhere to be. I just have to force myself to simply be, to soak in the world. I love the smell of the dew in the morning and the cold foggy air that cuts quick and sends me shuddering and cozying up in my coat even more. I love seeing the sun play hide and seek with me behind dark ominous clouds with painterly sunrise colors behind.

I suppose I love beautiful things. Little, but beautiful things… but I often forget about sitting still and letting them find me. I’m too busy out searching for big beautiful things. My unruly cowlick, the natural patterns in broccoli florets, watching a dust ball dance across the hardwood floor.. are all just as important.

Don’t forget to enjoy the life you have while you chase the life you want. Happy Monday, all.  🙂

Spring Teaching Capsule: Week 1 Outfits

Yesterday’s Spring Capsule Grid? Here are Week 1 outfits from it (if you couldn’t imagine without the visual what the outfits actually looked like put together!) I’ve taken the work out of it for you! Spring Teaching Capsule: Week 1 Outfits

Spring Capsule Grid

Capsules give me flexibility but easy outfit uniforms. How do you use this grid? Go across, go down, go diagonal! At least 10 outfits just doing that, but swap places of 2 like items (white and coral pants) and you get at least another 6 outfits! Swap the shoes? More! The more you swap positions within this grid, the more outfits you can make! Have fun! 🙂 
Spring Capsule Grid

Happy Spring!!!

I love so many things about spring- the sunny weather, the bright colors, the fact that it’s International Happiness Day!?

I love floral print, but maybe I lack the bravery to purchase that floral blazer (can I say it’s been on my lust list for 1+ year, but I can’t bring myself to buy one??) or floral skirt or even floral slacks? My courage for flaunting florals halts at a stop at flats and scarves. Here’s how I would take florals to the next level for myself!

Florals SS14

How do YOU wear florals?

St. Patricks Greenery

I’m not sure I know much history behind St. Patrick’s Day. I’m not sure of the rationale or story behind wearing green, but I can tell you this: I wear green in order to avoid getting pinched by people! I shopped my own closet for these similar pieces to get 3 different outfits. Minty pastels, military green, or bright kelly green.. take your pick! Here’s a good question: which do you think I ended up wearing? 🙂
St. Patricks Greenery
Happy St. Patty’s Day to all! 🙂

Peach Coat Capsule

Yesterday, I posted 3 looks for wearing a peach coat, and as promised… today here’s a possible capsule! There are SO many ways to style and pair a peach coat, but I’ve shopped clothes that are in my closet. (The ones here aren’t the EXACT that I own, but they are highly similar just for the style idea.)
My wildcard in this is the mix of peach AND mint! Color overload (for me, at least)! I focused on bright colors since yesterday was Daylight Savings, which means spring is upon us! My allergies also let me know spring is almost here 🙁 .. I chose more tonal gradients of clothes this capsule, having been inspired by a simple walk through the paint aisle in my local hardware store! AND PSSSTTT you can remix even more yesterday’s post! Find it here.
How are you transitioning your winter wardrobe to spring?  🙂

Peach Coat: 3 Ways

I wanted a scalloped peach/pink coat back in December after watching and watching and watching it. Then it sold out in my size. I was pretty much devastated, but I guess that’s what happens when you want something that just isn’t within your budget. Luckily, I was able to to find the same jacket in a different online boutique in January! I couldn’t find the exact picture, but this one is pretty close in color I believe.
Because my coat has pretty girly scalloped sleeves and hem, I paired it with basics and patterned items in each outfit. I don’t wear much jewelry, so patterned pieces give me the smidgen of interest in an outfit.
Tomorrow I’ll be posting another 3 and one is a wild card pairing! Hint: it came up in a previous blog post!

His + Hers: Gym Gear

My gym buddy is not a fellow girl, but my boyfriend! We’re not gym rats, but staying active and exercising together is something that’s important to us. I’m in love with these tapered sweatpants because the “normal” sweatpants just look like a garbage bag on my lower half. They are also easily to run in because there is not as much extra fabric pooling around your calves and ankles.
NewBalances are my favorite for running shoes (lightweight and good arch support for my feet), but if I could choose any shoes by looks, it’d be a pair of Nike Roshes.

FW Capsule- Mint Pants

I bought these gorgeous mint pants while traveling in Japan and Hong Kong last year in March. Originally, I had bought them to accent my spring/summer wardrobe, but since paring down my closet, I’ve found that mint is perfectly appropriate for winter too! Usually colors like this make me look sallow, so I keep it to pants because pants cover most of your skin and limits the color “pollution” haha. I would look absolutely sickly in a mint dress/shirt! 

FW Capsule- Mint Pants